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Our Top Ten Posts of 2023

Put A Record On: Holiday Edition

Don't Rock The Comments Section: YOUR favorite songs & albums of the year


Put A Record On: Lana Del Rey + more moody country tunes

🗨 Don't Rock the Comments Section: END OF YEAR ASK US ANYTHING

Issue #34: The DRTI Holiday Gift Guide

Put a Record On: Second Chances, Seasons Greetings & Sad Ass Songs

Issue #33: Zach Bryan and the never-ending search for authenticity

Issue #32: In Memory of Abe Stoklasa

Put a Record On: We may have cried through this entire newsletter

Issue #31: CMA Awards and Grammy Noms Slack Throwdown

Put A Record On: Prenups, Hootie and Honky-tonk Disco

OPEN THREAD: Watch the CMA's Live With Us


Vincent Neil Emerson: The Complete DRTI Interview

Put A Record On: Anyone can be a cowboy (except on Music Row)


Put A Record On: Treasures, tributes & covers

TODAY: Live Q&A With Vincent Neil Emerson!!

ISSUE #28: Tanya Tucker and making space for women in the middle

Put a Record On: Duets and trios and a song about abortion

ISSUE #27: Why Tammy Wynette Matters, With Steacy Easton

On Tammy Wynette, With Steacy Easton

Issue #26: ALANIS & ANGER

Put a Record On: Seven minute psychedelic country songs about faith


Podcast: Joshua Ray Walker Talks Music Row and Tattoos

Put A Record On: Ladies' night (and Willie)

Issue #24: AmericanaFest

TODAY: Live book club with Steacy Easton!!!

Put A Record On: Burn All the Bridges, I'll Bring the Matches

TODAY: Live Q&A with Joshua Ray Walker!!

ISSUE #23: Always go to the show

Put A Record On: A Country Song That Doesn't Weep for Mitch McConnell (Cuz Nobody Should)

ISSUE #22: It's the "summer of the woman," everywhere but country radio

Put A Record On: Kiss-off country, psychedelic country and other indoor sports


Don't Rock The Podcast, Episode 2: The Vandoliers

Put A Record On: We Believe in a Better South (and RVSHVD)

Issue #20: God, country music and a Jewish Agnostic walk into a bar

Put A Record On: All My Exes Live...On Twitter

Issue #19: The Summer Of Country Discourse

Put A Record On: Murder & Making Out

Issue # 18: The Indigo Girls, movie soundtracks and an incessant question

Put A Record On: Nineties throwbacks & yodels, oh my

Issue #17: This Week In Country Chart History - An anti-car anthem, a Bob Dylan cover & Tennessee songs

Put A Record On: Cannon, Childers and a very unnecessary song about...good ol boys

Playlists by Don't Rock The Inbox

Don't Rock The Podcast, Episode 1: Amanda Shires


TODAY: Live Q & A with The Vandoliers!

Put A Record On: Dogs and dispensaries

🗨 Don't Rock The Comments Section: Songs about small towns that are actually good

Issue #15: The 'Justified' Theme & the Not-So-Lonely Road to Its Unforgettable Blend of Bluegrass and Hip-Hop

Put A Record On: Kat Hasty, Cowboy Anthems and room for Jesus

TODAY: Live Q & A with Amanda Shires!

Issue #14: We Listen to Tommy Prine with...Tommy Prine

Put A Record On: A couple picks and big news!

Put A Record On: Angels, Popes and Righteous Babes

🗨 Don't Rock The Comments Section: A non-country song that just *feels* country

Issue #13: Nick Shoulders' Anti-Fascist 'Grandpa Music'

Put A Record On: A country Blink-182 cover, Western swing and more

Issue #12: 'Funny How Time Slips Away' and Moving Beyond Category

Put a Record On: Ashley Ray, Eric Church at CMA Fest and that song about...butts

🗨 Don't Rock The Comments Section: The Good Music of Bad People


Put a Record On: Gen Z country and less terrifying developments

Issue #10: We Listened to An Hour of Country Radio So You Don't Have To

Put A Record On: Joshua Ray Walker goes Lizzo, "Moi-pilling" and a really good playlist

Issue #9: Tina Turner, country music and the original sin of genre

Put A Record On: Aging hippie-core, bluegrass and summer songs

Don't Rock The Comments Section: The Country Song of the Summer

Issue #8: No Two Ladies Back to Back!

Put a Record On: Morgan Wade, Jordyn Shellhart, Brandy Clark and more

Issue #7: The ACMs try to escape parody

Bonus Issue: Jimmie Allen & the Never-Changing Culture of Nashville

Put A Record On: It's all country music when you think about it


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Issue #5: Charley Crockett