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Great read and apposite time for this reflection on a great female powerhouse of country music - Ms Wynette’s work is so well known and loved on the UK side of The Pond where we now have have Hannah White @songsbyhannah about to release her new album Sweet Revolution in early November and this Friday the 3rd single One Night Stand is released with a great preview in @HollerCountry https://holler.country/news/breaking/exclusive-hannah-white-premieres-one-night-stand

Over here we seem to have far fewer hang ups about female artists and having seen Hannah twice in the past year supporting first Ricky Ross and then Paul Carrack on their UK tours I can vouch that she is the real deal - if you want more affirmation then read the linked article or trust in the UK AMA who made her song Car Crash their 2023 Song Of The Year - Hannah is well worth a place in DRTI tracks of the week

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